Services and activity


It also provides individual guidance on the planning and implementation of register-based research, including authorisation procedures, research plan preparation and financing option.

Contact information


The Information Centre organises training in register-based research and provides information on relevant events in Finland and elsewhere in order to improve researchers’ skills in the use of register data, to enhance co-operation between register controllers, and to promote networking between register research experts and all others interested in this area of research.

In order to achieve this aim ReTki organises training in subjects relating to register-based research and gives information about events organised by other organisations in Finland or elsewhere.

Presentations given at seminars organized by ReTki kan be found in our presentation archive. Most presentations are in Finnish, but there are a few in English.

Research activities

The Information Centre engages in research projects in the area of register research, and seeks to obtain Nordic or EU research funding either as one of the applicants or by promoting the formation of consortiums suitable for applying for funds.

Promoting on-line use

ReTki took part in the TURE-working group that  looked into developing together the on-line system built by Statistics Finland and the planned MIDRAS on-line system. A report was given to the Ministry of Finance on September 30th 2011. The report suggests the developing of a national on-line system for register research as a joint venture between Statistics Finland, CSC and ReTki.

ReTki and CSC worked in 2009 -2010 on a project funded by the Ministry of Education. The aim of the project was to plan an on-line system for register research. The final report was published April 15th 2011. A short English summary is available on .CSC:s web site


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