ReTki Info


The Finnish Information Centre for Register Research (ReTki) aims to promote the use of national registers for research purposes, particularly in social and health sciences.

Basic functions

  • To offer information on registers and the use of registers in research
  • To organise training on register-based research
  • To give practical advice on using register data in research
  • To maintain a network of contact persons of participating register authorities and research institutes

Establishment and funding

ReTki was established within STAKES in 2003. Start-up funding was granted by the Academy of Finland. During the years 2006 – 2011, the Centre’s basic activities have been funded by the Social Insurance Institution (Kela), the National Public Health Institute, STAKES and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (TTL). The National Public Health Institute and STAKES joined to become the National Institution for Health and Welfare (THL) in January 2009. In 2011 THL decided to end the funding of ReTkis activities and withdrew from further negotiations about a contract for 2012. The three organizations  funded the operation during the shutdown period of the operation at THL  until the end of March 2012. The operation continued from August 2012 to the end of the year at the National Archives of Finland by the funding of Kela. Now the operation continues by the funding of the Academy of Finland  at the National Archives.


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