Register controllers

Registers in Finland

Finnish Centre for Pensions

The centre maintains among others the Finnish Employment Register and Pensions Register.

Finnish National Board of Education

The Board of Education register students that apply for futher education. The registers include information on previous education as well as information on acceptance.

Ministry of Labour

The ministry is the keeper of the Register for Unemployed Job-seekers.

National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)

THL maintains for example the following registers: Medical Birth Register, Care Registers for Social Welfare and Health Care (HILMO), Finnish Cancer Register, Finnish Register of Visual Impairment, National register of Infectious Diseases and Finnish Register of Congenital Malformations.
THL registers and statistics; THL Register descriptions

Population Register Center

Population Information System

Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Finland (STUK)

STUK maintains e.g. Dose Register, Register of Occupational Radon Exposure, Exposure to internal radiation (radiation workers and Finnish population), Chromosome analysis for dose assessment, Natural radioactivity in drinking water, Residential indoor radon database.

Social Insurance intitution (SII)

SII maintains vast registers on social benefits obtained.

Statistics Finland

In order to compile statistics Statistics Finland obtains data from many administrative registers and also maintains registers such as the Register of Compleated Education and Degrees and the Register of Cause of Death.

Research Services

Tax Administration

The Tax Administration maintains vast registers for taxation purposes. The registers include data on income, assets and employment.

Other registers and databases

Finnish Registry for Kidney Diseases


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