In Finland several agencies gather register data for administrative and statistical purposes. Also, many other organisations gather register data related to their activities. With most of the registers it is possible to obtain data for scientific research.

The Personal Data Act states that a register description must be made for all data files that include personal identifiers. This description of the file must be easily accessible to interested parties. Several register controllers have made their file descriptions available online. ReTki has compiled a list of links to register controllers and registers in Finland. The provided links will enable you to find information on the data content of particular registers and on how the data have been gathered. If you need more specific information for a register or its use in research, please contact the register controller or the contact person of the register. The contact information can be found in the file description of each register. Unfortunately, the file descriptions are not translated into English and are only available through ReTki’s Finnish web-page.

Mika Gissler and Jari Haukka have published a compact information package on Finnish health registers and their use in research. The article “Finnish health and social welfare registers in epidemiological research” was published in the journal Norsk Epidemiologi 2004;14 (1) .


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