Drawing up a research plan

Before applying for permission to access data, you need to draw up a research plan. Most register controllerss require that a research plan be attached to the application for permission to access data. Furthermore, one should note that, according to the Personal Data Act (14§), the use of personal data for scientific research should be based on an appropriate research plan.

A research plan should include at least the following sections:

1. Title of the study, date of the draft plan

2. Members of the research group (name, institute, contact details)

3. Summary

4. Background, purpose and significance of the study

5. Data and methods

1. What types of data and what registers and other sources of data are used in the study? Note, if questionnaire data and/or blood or other samples are also gathered for the research, you must ask for consent from the research subjects. The consent must also include consent for register data to be combined with the other datasets used.

2. What methods are used to analyse the data?

3. How have responsibilities been defined concerning the implementation of the study? (This is important especially if the research group includes researchers from different organisations. Who decides on the use of data? Who has access to any personal data used? Copies of contracts etc. should be attached.)

6. Publication plan and schedule

7. Literature


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